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2016 Site characterization of seismic stations based on downhole tests to 30m depth in South Korea/5th International Conference on Geotechnical and Geophysical Characterisation
2015 Development of 2D SIP Data processing software for a metallic mineral deposit exploration/American Geophysical Union
2014 Development of Kit for Realtime transmissiom of data acquired by Earthquake accelerometers/Journal of Korea Society of Disaster
2014 Fracture Development and stress patterns during strike-slip fault interaction:discrete-element approach/2014 the Geological Society of America
2014 Evaluation of Structural Health Monitoring in Embankment Dams using Time-lapse Inversion of 2-D Resistivity Data, International symposium on dams in a gloabl environmental challenges
2013 Case study of site investigation for re-excavation around the collapsed road tunnel in Korea/International Symposium on Tunnelling and Underground Space Construction for Sustainable Development(Tu-Seoul2013)
2013 A case study in investication and stability analysis under large cut slope construction in the Andong granite/The 6th Japan-Korea Joint Symposium for landside disaster mitigation
2012 Electrical Resitivity Survey of Ti-beraring Ilmenite Ore Mineral Deposits in the Hadong Anorthsite, Korea/Korean Society of Earth and Exploration Geophysicists International Symposium on Geophysics for Discovery and Exploration
2011 Resistivity monitoring for the detection of leakage zones in earthfill dams/GELMON
2011 Elctrical resistiviy monitoring of simulated piping and hydraulic fracturing within a dam structure/GELMON 2011 1st International Workshop on Geoelectric Monitoring
2011 Development and Application of an Acceleration Monitoring-Based Earthquake Alarm System for a Model Port in Korea/Proceedings of the Twenty-first(2011) International Offshore and Polar Engineering Conference               
2010 4-D Inversion of Resistivity Monitoring Date Using L1 Norm Nimization/EAGE
2008 Evolution of shape fabrics in deforming rigid-objectbearing systems: a distinct  element method approach/FirstInternational FLAC/DEM Symposiumon Numerical Modeling                                                          
2008 The effects of mechanical properties for the development of different structural styles in orogenic belts/Insights from distinct element modeling: Asia Oceania Geosciences Society Symposium                                 
2007 Distinct element modelling of structural evolution in orogenic wedge/Geological Society of America Abstract with Programs
2007 Enlarged interpretation of hydrofracturing in-situ stress by 3-D numerical analysis/11th Congress of The International Society for Rock Mechanics
2006 Mechanical properties and evolution of shape fabrics in numerical rigid-particle bearing systems: a distinct element method approach.Geological Society of America
2006 Freshwater Injection Test The Mitigation for Seawater Intrusion/Proceedings of The 10th International Symposium on RAGE
2005 Rapid Estimation of Salinity using Geophysical Techniques in Seawater intrusion zones/Joint Symposium of ISSMGE ATC-7
2005 Quartz c-axis texture data collected using the Melbourne fine-grained fabric analyzer(MIFA) a case study along the Moine thrust zone/Geological Society of America Abstract with Programs
2004 Simulation of a two-dimensional 'thin-skinned' orogenic wedge using PFC/Numerical modeling in micromechanics via particle methods.                                                                                            
2004 Imaging the underground structure beneath river bottom by DC resistivity survey using Streamer Cable/Proceedings of the 7th SEGJ
2004 Leakage Detection of Earth Dam Using Geophysical Methods/ICOLD 72nd Annual Meeting
2004 Seismic Reflection Method Aided to Estimate The Structural Behavior ofCenter Core Type Earth-Fill Dam/ICOLD 72nd Annual Meeting
2004 Electrical Resistivity Imaging For Comprehensive Evaluation of Earth Rock Dam Seepage and Safety/ICOLD 72nd Annual Meeting
2004 Variation of rock quality designation (RQD) with scanline orientation and lengtha case study in Korea/International J. of Rock Mech. & Min. Sci.
2003 Ground stability analysis on the limestone region/ Proc. of the Intl' Symp. on the Fusion Technology of the Geosystem Engineering
2003 Increasing frequency of CSMT measurements over a 2-D structure/The 6th SEGJ International Symposium
2002 The investigation of the relationships beetween physical properties by geophygicalwell logging and parameter of rock mass/SAGEEP 2002
2002 Electrical Resistivity and EM Surveys for the Site Investigation of TunnelConstruction over Rough Terrain Area/SAGEEP 2002
2002 DC resistivity survey to image faults beneath a riverbed/SAGEEP 2002
2001 Application of geophysical methods to the analysis of an earth dam/EAGE 63'rd Conference
2001 Application of geophysical results to designing bridge over a large fault/Fourth Asian YGEC