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게제년도 논문명
2009 Evidences for Permo-Triassic collision in Far East Asia: the Korean collisional orogen/Earth and Planetary Science Letters
2009 Mass-balance analysis of bulk-rock chemical changes during mylonitization of a megacryst-bearing granitoid, Cheongsan shear zone, Korea/Journal of Asia Earth Science
2008 Evolution of shape fabrics in deforming rigid-object bearing systems: a distinct element method approach/International FLAC/DEM Symposium on Numerical Modeling
2008 Role of interfacial strength properties in determining bulk mechanical properties in block-in-matrix rocks/International FLAC/DEM Symposium on Numerical Modeling
2007 Application of Geophysical Methods to The Safety Analysis of an Earth Dam/JEEG
2007 Enlarged interpretation of hydrofracturing in-situ stress by 3-D numerical analysis
2006 Fault slip analysis of Quaternary faults in southeastern Korea/Gondwana Research
2006 Weakening of deforming granitic rocks with layer development at middle crust/Journal of Structural Geology
2006 Case History of Electrical Resistivity and Controlled-Source Magnetotellutic Surveys for the Site Investigation of Tunnel Construction/JEEG
2005 Delineation of a fault zone beneath a rivered by an electrical resistivity survey using a flationg streamer cable/Exploaration Geophysics
2003 Ground Stability Analysis on the Limestone Region/Geosystem Engineering